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دانلود نمونه متن کتاب

دانلود نمونه متن کتاب

This innovative beginning Spanish text is both task-based and content-based, giving students the opportunity to practice and improve their language skills by completing specific tasks or goals, and to learn about various topics through engaging readings from a variety of disciplines.

¿Sabías que…? Is an innovative package of materials for introductory Spanish courses.


¿sabías que…?,  second edition, consists of a preliminary lesson (Lección preliminary) and six units of three lessons each. Each unit presents a general theme that is explored in its three lessons.

The new organization of the major sections of each lesson allows instructors to organize class meetings better and develop course syllabi (see the Instructor’s Manual for ideas on lesson and syllabus planning). Each of these major sections is described in the Guided Tour Through ¿sabías que…? That follows. The first two lessons of every unit include:

  • three Ideas para explorar sections
  • vocabulary (Enfoque léxico) and grammar (Enfoque lingüístico) presentations within each ideas para explorar section
  • Intercambio
  • Vistazos

The third lesson of most units includes:

  1. two Ideas para explorer sections
  2. Enfoque léxico and Enfoque lingüístico presentations
  3. Vamos a ver
  4. Composición
  5. vistazos

Lección 3 contains an Intercambio activity instead of Composición.

Unidades cinco and seis have one Ideas para explorar section and two Vamos a ver sections.    

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