101Spanish Proverbs + 1CD

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101 ضرب المثل اسپانیایی - به همراه مکالمه و استفاده از ضرب المثل‌ها در جملات - مناسب سطح پایه و متوسطه - به همراه یک حلقه سی‌دی
Even the most successful people should remember what Spanish speakers say “the current carries off the shrimp that falls asleep” (camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente). In other words, “don’t rest on your laurels.” 101 Spanish proverbs takes the mystery out of common Spanish expression like this one and explains their meaning with the aid of humorous illustrations. On the MP3 disk, native speakers read each of the 101 proverbs and dialogue that place them in context, so you can hear how Spanish sounds and practice what you have learned.
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نوع جلد شومیز
قطع رقعی
وزن کتاب 186 گرم
ISBN 978-0-07-161558-7
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