Schaum’s Outlines Spanish Vocabulary

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آموزش لغات اسپانيايی - 251 تمرین به همراه پاسخ تمرین ها - مناسب برای سطوح ابتدایی و متوسطه - ویراست چهارم
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Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time? Fortunately, there’s Schaum’s. More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum’s to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams. Schaum’s is the key to faster learning and higher grades in every subject. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format. You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems, and practice exercises to test your skills.
This Schaum’s Outline gives you:
- 251 practice exercises with answers to reinforce your mastery of Spanish vocabulary
- Easy-to-follow review of Spanish vocabulary
- The latest terms and vocabulary that Spanish speakers use today
- Support for all major textbooks for courses in Spanish vocabulary
- Access to revised website with access to over 100 online audio recordings and more.
Schaum’s reinforces the main concepts required in your course and offers hundreds of practice questions to help you succeed. Use Schaum’s to shorten your study time–and get your best test scores!
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