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شامل 80 داستان - مترادف‌ انگلیسی کلمات و فهرست الفبایی کلمات در پایان کتاب - مناسب سطح ابتدایی و متوسطه - به همراه تمرین و یک حلقه سی دی
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The Easy Reader series is based on the premise that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it immediately!
Whether you’re a brand-new beginner or an advanced-beginning leaner, the new editions of these popular titles enable you to dive into the language with engaging readings that progress in difficulty to match your growing reading skills. This process will allow you to rapidly build comprehension and confidence as you enjoy the stories and complete the post-reading exercises.
Easy Spanish reader is divided into three parts:
PART l provides the story of two high-school seniors involved in their Spanish club. As you read about their experiences, you’ll discover the nuances of language and culture right along with students.
PART ll describes episodes in the colorful history of Mexico from the Conquistadors to the present, including vivid depictions of Cortes’s encounters with the Aztecs.
PART lll is comprised of an abridged of the classic story “Lazarillo de Tormes,” which allows you to practice your grammar and vocabulary skills on a great work of Spanish literature.
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نوع جلد شومیز
قطع رقعی
وزن کتاب 431 گرم
ISBN 978-0-07-185020-9
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