101 Spanish Idioms

101 اصطلاح اسپانیایی- به همراه ترجمه ی تحت اللفظی انگلیسی، معادل انگلیسی آن و یک مکالمه اسپانیایی برای هر اصطلاح در آن به کار رفته است- به همراه ترجمه انگلیسی تمام مکالمه ها در آخر کتاب
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A boatload of Spanish idioms to bring vibrancy to your language repertoire. To really talk like a native speaker of Spanish, you have to know the languages idioms. But sometimes idioms are. confusing on the surface. This book uses fun illustrations to show the humor of taking idioms literally and explains what these common phrases really mean.

Author J.M Cassagne has arranged common, everyday idioms into eight lighthearted sections, including:

  1. Nuestros amigos los animals/our Animal Friends
  2. En las buenas y en las malas/For Better or Worse
  3. De todo un poco/Odds and Ends
  4. Santas y pecadores/Saints and Sinners
  5. Así es la vida/That´s Life and more.

And he has turned them over to the expert hands of illustrator L.N Raidon, whose wonderfully humorous cartoons show what Spanish-speakers say and what they really  mean.

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