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Panoramas literarios - América Hispana

آشنایی با ادبیات آمریکای لاتین

Panoramas literarios: America hispana, contains engaging readings by key representative authors from Latin America. Readings reflect a broad chronological range (pre-Columbian times to the present), with a strong emphasis placed on modern and contemporary literature, and include writings by Hispanics in the United States. The selections represent all literary genres and important trends of each historical period. Significant works by women authors are featured, which encourages students to explore issues of gender, race, and social class. Panoramas literarios: America hispana is designed to help students appreciate, analyze, and evaluate literature by recognizing the importance of literary analysis as well as historical-cultural context. Students develop their reading and analytical skills through a variety of pre-reading strategies and activities and engaging discussion questions that accompany each selection.

Panoramas literarios - América Hispana
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